Can We Be Green Consumers?

Sustainability is the new buzz word. While a lot of the marketing in the ethical sector tries to ficus on hope and inspiring people to “Buy Green” theres no getting away from the fact that shame-ing people who are “brown consumers” (I mean even the name?) is a part of the strategy. But are green consumers really helping the planet are they doing their bit to help hold back the looming ecological disaster about to befall us? Isn’t Green Consumer just an oxymoron? Rather like the caring Tory .

What sacrifices we are willing to make

As I sat on my small scooter in the congested traffic, the fumes of the other bikes chocking me I became aware of the sacrifices we are willing to make in order to keep our “conveniences” Is the air we breathe really less important than buying that next thing? Or getting to a place quicker? Although I cant lie. I stopped and bought a pair of trousers that will be so useful for my upcoming journey and I was making an unnecessary journey in the first place. It’s just so hard to minimise your impact. What are we supposed to do?

I was on the bike for two hours. When I got home I had to spend two hours lying on my bed in a cool dark room waiting for the feeling of nausea and the headache to go. In Bali it is a very graphic depiction of what is happening to our air quality on a global scale. The quality of the air in London is not far behind. Everyday we, and our children, breathe in toxic fumes and we barely even think about it.