An imperfect girl just trying to live better.

I throw my hands up and admit that it’s tricky trying to be a home-making, activist, feminist, career woman, eco-warrior, fascionista, world travelling home body, life and soul of the party, Netflix binger. Sometimes I achieve and sometimes I fall short. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care.

I honestly share both my successes and failures with you to give a more 3D depiction of modern life for a woman just trying to live a little better. In so doing I hope to create a supportive community of wonderfully wild equally on the verge women.

This blog is built on the belief that a party girl (swiftly approaching ex-party girl) who enjoys the good things in life, can also be intelligent switched on and engaged in her society and just because you are intelligent and switched on doesn’t mean you’ve got it all figured out:

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

Charles Bukowski

The primary focuses is the difficulty that we all face in terms of the coming apocalypse (catastrophic climate change) and the fact that I don’t have a clue what I should/could do about it.

We know we have to burn less carbon yet we also want to go on that holiday, we know we must stop using single use plastic but sometimes we need that coffee to make it the next meeting, we know that fashion is one of the most polluting and destructive industries on the planet yet we love, love, love our new dress and how it makes us feel walking onto the dance floor.

I see endless sustainability bloggers who appear to be living the picture-perfect life in their off-grid cabin or getting an entire years waste into one mason jar, yet it doesn’t matter how many tote bags I own I still seem to end up with plastic bags bulging out of the cupboard under the sink.

Maybe what we need as a society and as a movement is a bit more honesty and a collective admission that we just don’t know but we are trying our best so let’s just help each other out rather than criticising our failings. In our honesty and mutual support, and with a few little luxury items, we will find the true joys of life.

Life is a beautiful crazy ride and only in celebrating all of it, by being honest about who we are, will we truly appreciate it.